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Wedding Tips for the Bride

..Choose maids
you can rely on

..Make a list
of things to do
and a timeline

..Allow ample
extra time for unforeseen
delays -

printing of
may need
some changes,

wedding dress
alterations may
take longer,

the list goes on.

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On Your Walk Down The Aisle
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On Your Walk Down The Aisle

By the time you attend your Wedding Rehearsal, all the main planning for the ceremony should be completed.

You would be wise to prepare printed instructions for the wedding party outlining each person's individual responsibilities. As you prepare these instructions, logistical problems and forgotten items will come to light. If you then deal with these oversights, you will have fewer headaches at the rehearsal. (Don't forget to save these instructions for your wedding memorabilia album.)

At the Wedding Rehearsal, you will run through the service as you have planned it, and you will then see if any areas still need to be tweaked.

With a little thought beforehand, you can assure that your walk down the aisle goes without incident.

Here are a few things to think about:

  • Officiant Fee
    Has the Groom made out a check for the Officiant?
    Normally, the Best Man hands the Officiant a sealed envelope with his fee enclosed. The Groom must provide this envelope to the Best Man.

  • Rings
    Have you arranged when to hand over the rings to the Best Man and the Maid of Honor so that they are prepared before the ceremony?
    1. Usually, the Best Man hands the Bride's wedding ring to the Groom during the ceremony.
    2. Usually, the Maid or Matron of Honor hands the Groom's wedding ring to the Bride during the ceremony.
    3. In a Jewish wedding, the Maid of Honor also holds the Bride's engagement ring during the ceremony.

  • Other items to turn over to your helpers
    1. Programs.
    2. Marriage License.
    3. Music CDs or Sheet Music.
    4. Unity Candle, other candles or Sand Ceremony Set.
    5. Prayer Book.
    Guest Book and Pen.
    7. Printed driving directions to the reception location.
    8. Jewish wedding: A white napkin, glass (you can use a light bulb,) kosher wine, goblets, talis for the huppah, Ketubah, box of yarmulkes, etc.

  • Music
    1. Will you have a piano, organ, choir, or someone playing CDs for you?
    2. What music selections will you choose?
    3. You will need different tempos for each part of the ceremony.
    4. How many music selections will you need? This will depend upon
    • How long you plan to allow for seating the guests - usually 20 - 30 minutes.
    • How many attendants will be walking down the aisle.
    • You may also want to have a receiving line directly following the ceremony and you will want music to be played in the background.
    5. Have you purchased the CDs or purchased the sheet music for the piano player?
    6. Who is in charge of setting up the music and deciding when the music should start?
  • Readings
    1. Will you have any readings?
    2. If so, have you checked whether your readers are prepared?

  • Vows
    1. Do you want to include your own vows?
    2. Have you chosen and memorized them?
    3. Have you made a copy that your Maid of Honor can carry for you in case your mind goes blank?

  • Unity Candle
    1. Do you want one?
    2. Have you planned the timing for lighting it?
    3. Usually the mothers of the Bride and Groom light candles. However, there are many reasons for lighting candles - from including children in the ceremony of a second marriage to remembering a lost parent or grandparent. You have many options. Explore them and decide what feels comfortable for you.

  • Guest Book Attendant
    1. Have you decided where the attendant should sit and has a table and chair been provided?
    2. When should the attendant close the book?
    3. Since the book is usually closed just prior to the start of the ceremony, have you arranged to save a seat at the ceremony for the attendant?

  • Ushers
    These people have many responsibilities - have you allocated assignments among them?
    The Ushers seat the guests, escort the mothers of the bride and groom to their seats, lay the aisle runner in place and later pull it up again. The Ushers also provide for an orderly exit after the ceremony is over. If necessary, the Ushers give directions from the ceremony location to the reception location. Have you provided them with maps?

    Sometimes, the Ushers are also the Groomsmen. If so, you will need to work out the logistics, so that, after the seating is done and the runner has been put in place, the Ushers can take their places, as Groomsmen, near to the Groom.

  • Flower girl/Ring Bearer/Page Boy/Train-bearer
    They carry a basket of petals or carry the rings on a cushion. They may walk behind the Bride carrying the Bride's train.
    1. Will they walk down just ahead of you? Have they practiced? Have you thought about what the Flower Girl's reaction would be if the petals were all dropped by the time she got half way down the aisle? Or what the Ring Bearer would do if he dropped the pillow?
    2. Decide where the mother or other adult will be seated, usually in an aisle seat, and explain the location to the tot, so that he or she knows how to duck out if confusion or panic dictates an exit.
    3. Assign someone to take them to the bathroom about five minutes before making their entrance.
    4. Decide who will take charge of the basket of petals or pillow until just before the walk?
    5. Do you really want the wedding rings on the pillow? They could get lost. Fake ones are a good option. If you want the real ones on the pillow, you need to secure them firmly to the pillow in such a way that they can be easily removed when needed.
    6. If the children are too young to stand quietly during the ceremony, arrange for them to sit in a front row during the ceremony. They can join the wedding party again as the recessional begins.

  • Receiving Line
    Will you have one? If so, will it be directly after the ceremony or before your guests enter the main room for the reception.

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